Anita Singh - CMD

Anita Singh - CMD

Anirise Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


Our Goal to Achive

With initiatives like "Make in India" and "Smart Cities," which are changing the game, we recently received the title of having the fastest-growing economy in the world. Supply chain enterprises like ours with strong facilities will be the backbone of sustainability for such industries when overseas investors reestablish confidence in India's economic prospects.

We would like to promote ourselves as a top logistic service provider with branches in all of the major cities across the nation and a large network of international strategic business partners. We are one of the industry's service providers with the highest rate of growth and recognition outside.

Due to my years of industry experience, I have been able to work with a variety of businesses and provide them with a sense of security once they entrust us by being their go-to service providers. We take great pride in stating that we will be one of the global participants in the global market to comprehend the technological know-how of each product we deal in as a carrier by virtue of educating ourselves by educated officers of our client. To provide our executives the necessary technical skills, we organize classroom sessions. so that we go beyond simply being a service provider and become an extension of our clients. We go above and beyond to ensure that shipments, both incoming and outbound, as well as other warehousing and transportation (road & rail) related activities, are executed without mishap.

I'm very happy to say that we at Anirise Logistics Division are a team of young, committed, and highly qualified people that have a long history of success in the shipping and logistics industries. We work relentlessly to uphold the export and import obligations of our clients. We hold our clients' promises to their customers in high regard. My team has a responsibility to respond rapidly to client issues and troubleshoot them. No matter how important or urgent an email is, it is answered and dealt with within 24 hours. As the president of the company, I pay close attention to how everything is doing as a whole.

Nothing at Anirise Logistics is left to chance. We firmly believe in maintaining our clients' satisfaction and consistently exceeding their expectations.

I wish greetings to our loyal customers in India as well as worldwide on behalf of my entire team.

We are grateful for your trust in us.


Anita Singh

Anirise Logistics Pvt. Ltd.